The ultimate all in one SEO Optimized WordPress theme.

For those wanting to gain a competitive edge, increase rankings and maximise ad revenue.

We have created a WordPress theme that will help give your blog the best possible start in your quest to conquer search. This theme packs a punch, but we managed to keep the controls simple to avoid overwhelm. If you own a business blog or a personal blog, chances are this theme for you.

Let's see what the hypes about?

Please bare with us this might take a while ;) We are busy creating more child WordPress themes to keep you up to date with the latest web trends. As a premium member, your can enjoy regular child themes released to rejuvenate your sites design and layout.

Watch this space
We will keep updating this with new child theme design.

Full Layout Customizations

“The Most Customizable WordPress Theme” is not just our bluff, we mean it. With Foundly, you can customize all parts of your page: top header, header, contents, footer, and sidebar layout to create your perfect blog. For the whole page itself, you can choose whether to use a full-width layout or left the layout or right layout.

Mulitiply blog layouts Foundly comes with three Tumblr style blog layouts,clean& simple. You can choose the left sidebar, or right sidebar, or full width, If you need a smaller version, you can use mini blog layout that you might put in a small column.
Social Module Foundly is bundled an exclusive social module. It gives you the freedom to put any of your works, whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, musician, architect, beauty artist, etc.

Rich Theme Options

Foundly has a rich theme options panel on the admin page. It has all the configurations you need, from changing site preferences, layouts, assets management, social media management, etc. It’s also simple to use and understand from the beginning. Every detail comes with a beautiful description line that makes you familiar with it.

Translation ready

You can translate your website into other languages besides English, thanks to the .po/.mo files for easier translation. You can easily do this with very little coding knowledge. In case you need to run multiple languages at once, Foundly is also fully optimized for the WPML plugin. All text string options can be translated into each language

Demo Data

You might have found it hard to set up a site the way the demo site looks like by yourself. We have included demo content XML, which you can import from your site. The demo content XML contains all these demo site pages. It can speed up your works, import the demo content XML, edit to fit your needs and your site is ready to launch!

With our live customizer, editing is made super easy. Our child themes come with functions and features tailored to that theme.

Built for Speed

It is very simple Foundly follows WordPress best practice to increase speed and performance. We have integrated tons of awesome features so that you don't have to slow down you site with the world slowest SEO plugin: SEO Yoast! Of course your WordPress hosting as to be optimzed like those on this list.

Test it yourself with p3-profiler plugin that helps to identify which what is slowing your site down the most.

At a Glance
Google PageSpeed Insights score
92 out of 100
Pingdom Tools score
96 out of 100
637 MB, Zip

Unlimited Color Schemes

Unlike the other themes, which are only capable of sticking on two color schemes (dark and light), using Foundly you can have unlimited color combinations on your page, every page! Maybe you need a dark scheme at the top (header) – light scheme in the content section. You can have it in easy clicks using Foundly.
We have developed a new system that makes it easy for everyone to has turned their site into a bright, colorful website. We are aware that a site should follow your branding identity; that’s why we give you the freedom to make unlimited the color combinations.

SEO Friendly

Built using the best practices nowadays, Foundly is SEO friendly. This feature will help your site to be crawled better by search engines. It also uses some of the Google Rich Snippets that may increase your visibility in the search engine results.

Smart Meta Tags

We auto populate your meta description that is the little excerpts you see on the search result page.

Clutter free

More of what you need and less of what you to avoid overwhelm.

We specialize in creating search friendly WordPress themes that help you go further. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Focus on SEO

Best SEO WordPress Theme Ever.

We take care of SEO basics, so you don’t have to. Preview how your posts will look in search engines like Google before you even hit the publish button. Foundly has been audited by leading SEO experts in the industry.

Live Customize

We have tons of built-in option that enables you to change most things like sidebar layout, menus, social icon, color theme and much more.

Lighting Fast

We have built this theme base on WordPress best practice, with SEO function built in to reduce Foundly loading time.

Adsense Ready

We have included several click of the button ads spaces to have you earning in record time. Plus tons more awesome features.

Google's mobilegeddon safe 

In April of 2015, Google rolled out their mobile friendly signal that left many site owners in a panic. You, on the other hand, don't need to worry because Foundly themes are are tested and marked as safe:)

Mobile Friendly test

Optimized text and image sizes to make your website adhered to the new Google update and give readers a great experience.

Feel our design

Give your readers a seamless experience across all devices and future-proof your site for the new devices screen sizes regularly been released, i.e., smart watches.

Fast on Mobile

We code our themes on the dry principle, meaning there is no unnecessary coding to slow dow your website.

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Can I use a Foundly theme on more than one site?

The simple answer is yes you can use it on any other your personal sites. However, if you want to share it with others, they would need to purchase their license.


Can I customize the theme?

Yes, you can we have tried to make editing Foundly as simple as possible. We are also in the process of creating a few child themes to help you further personalize Foundly. As a member, you will get theses child themes free!.


Will the themes work with third-party plugins?

Yes, we have made your theme compatible with most major plugin out there. We can not, however, provide support for third party plugins.


How often do you update the themes?

Our customers so far as been very supportive and engaged in providing us with useful feedback, which usually result in an update. We are actively trying to perfect Foundly so you will receive regular updates.


Do the themes work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, our demo is currently hosted on a multi-site installation.


What is your refund policy?

Because this template is an intangible product, we only offer a refund under select circumstances. The item must be either broken, not working properly or truly missing features as described.


What payment options do you support?

Currently, all payments are securely made through Paypal in which they offer credit cards and international debit cards.


What the difference between the basic and extended plan?

With the basic price plan, you only get access to our classic theme design. Where you get access to all our child themes plus future release. You also get priority support with the extended plan.

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